NFC Tag / IOS configuration issue

I created a shortcut on IOS for NFC Tag to fire event (home assistant) with data

however every time I’m trying to scan the tag I have
Automation failed
“When “nfc_tag_1 is detected” encountered an error:
Could Not Run Fire Event
An unknown error occurred.

my automation in home assistant
alias: New Automation
description: ‘’

  - event_data: {}
    event_type: nfc_tag_1
    platform: event
condition: []
  - service: light.turn_on
      entity_id: light.our_room
mode: single

I did mine in the automation ui. When I view it in yaml mode it looks like it uses platform: tag

In the ui editor you get to pick the friendly name of the tag. In the yaml though it looks like it needs the guid / longer id

Here is mine

alias: Tag tag_001 Scanned
description: ''
  - platform: tag
    tag_id: 8a9fe085-cb02-4f50-a1b1-945a837d49f6
  - condition: not
      - condition: state
        entity_id: alarm_control_panel.alarmo
        state: disarmed
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I initially tried something like this, just tried again but nothing seems to happen

alias: Tag tag_001 Scanned
description: ‘’

  • platform: tag
    tag_id: acea25f0-9126-4801-bcd7-8ad047b6f22c
  • service: light.turn_off
    device_id: 75df40ce0b4c57844dffe2a2ac55e
    mode: single

(if run the action, the action is running but nothing happen with the trigger)

EDIT : I wonder if this have to do with CloudFlare access blocking access to HA