NFC tag to activate home alarm

Hi, I have just purchased few NFC tags and thinking to use them to activate and de-activate my home alarm and I have some doubts.

If someone has the access to the tag and scan it, will it de-activate my home alarm? Presume he doesn’t have the access to my HA instance.

No. Only tag scans sent to home assistant can trigger automations to arm/disarm your alarm.

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Got it. Thanks

But if someone copies the tag then they can, if they know where you live and have a spare key, disarm the alarm.

Not the way Yeoh seems to be planning on implementing this. Sounds like he will have a tag somewhere that he scans with his phone to arm/disarm the alarm.

As the would-be thief only has access to the tag and not the phone there is no way to trigger the arm/disarm automation.

True. Didn’t realize it was the app.
I thought of a scanner mounted inside the home.

hi, can anyone share the code or method how to use NFC tag to disarm the HA built in security control panel or Alarmo? I have NFC tag set up already in HA and working with other automations but could not disarm the security alarm with NFC tag. Security alarm is set to have code to disarm.