NFC tags with other dashboard users

How can other dashboard users use NFC tags ?

NFC tags have nothing to do with dashboard users.
Dashboard users are just for dashboards.

How can I set up Home Assistant for my other family members? I want them to be able to use NFC tags as well. I don’t want give them customize dashboard.

NFC tags have nothing to do with dashboards.

They just need the app on their device and be signed in (whether with their ‘own’ account or some generic one you use for everybody). Then any tag they scan that’s already registered with HA will show up.

But that is possible only with administrator access.!


Not sure what your link is; it seems to be directing me to a non-https link on the forum?

Definitely don’t need admin access to interact with NFC tags; I have another user without admin rights that uses them all the time.

I have removed all the tags and created them again so that other users can now use them. Thank you for your kind help.