NFL Schedule Automation

Is there anyway to get the nfl schedule? (without manually inputting every game)

Id like to create some automations based on a few teams to be notified when they are playing or it would be really awesome if we can get when a touchdown is scored…

Using a calendar is probably your best approach. I’m sure someone somewhere has already got a google calendar of the NFL schedule.

thanks. i actually just found this, Ive been wanting to learn how to use this type of api with homeassistant. Im gonna play with it some tomorrow


Did you ever figure this out? I wouldn’t even know where to begin…

I gave up. But this just reminded me I guess it’s about time to try again

Lol, yes finally football :football: is back!


Ive done a lot of work with apis this past year at work. I just found what i need, i can get the data just gotta figure out how to get it into ha. shouldnt be too long.

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This might be worth looking into, it’s for the NHL but might lead you to the promise land!

I just don’t have the knowledge yet to figure this all out.

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The NHL is great, I just wished I could either find something for the NFL or create something. I have been able to create several individual sensors with the values needed, but I know more can be done but my knowledge is limited.