NGINX addon.. only proxying HA IP ? Can it do more?

So, I have duckdns and NGINX installed and working. I have local http access and secured https when connecting via the duckdns subdomain. All fine so far.

I have other services running on the local network that are accessible over the internet, such as proxmox and jellyfin. Could I use the NGINX proxy addon to also secure these with https, or is it configured in such a way to only proxy HA itself ?

If I can’t use the addon for those other services, I guess I’d have to standup NGINX as a standalone thing ? Does anyone have any instructions for this for Ubuntu, and how I’d keep the duckdns cert valid ? (Currently, the HA addons do this all for me)

Try to connect to your HA IP with :81 instead of :8123
That should be the NGinX Admin interface.

That doesn’t work. Tried with http and https.

I simply get connection refused:-


Ahh this is because the addon I am using is NGINX home assistant SSL proxy, NOT NGINX proxy manager… so I’ll try that instead