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NGINX blocking HTML5 actionable notifications?

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I’m able to trigger automations to send html5 notifications. I’m able to execute scripts from browsers just fine. My problem is getting an actionable notification to call a script. I get the button, but no script execution when I click it.

Based on advice from the konnected team, I have to use nginx for ssl instead of letsencrypt.

I see on the bottom of the html5 push notifications page that NGINX blocks return traffic (including my actionable notifications?), but there is a workaround. I’m stuck on how to modify the NGINX site configuration when I don’t know where that file would be stored. I unsuccessfully tried pasting that block of text into lots of places on the hassio add-on config section.

Can anybody explain how to edit NGINX site configuration in hassio? I feel like it starts with changing config “customize” to true, but then I have to create config files from scratch, i think?



I’m interested in this too, I have the same problem in hassio here



hello,did u find something about it to fix?thanks