NGINX fails to start

Had home assistant running for a while and decided to setup NGINX. I’ve follow the tutorials, ready had duckdns setup.

I’ve removed the relevant lines from my http section of config.yaml

Ive got let’s encrypt and duckdns add ons running

NGINX installs fine

Ports are forwarded

When I start NGINX I get the following error and it shuts down

bad option in substitution expression

I’ve googled a lot but can’t seem to find a solution. I’m on a rpi4 with hassio

Can someone point me in the right direction?

It’ll help us if you share the NGINX config - either posted to a code share site, or posted here but correctly formatted.

@Tinkerer I’m trying to find the NGINX config file?

I’ve got file explorer installed and its showing my everything installed on the RPi but I can’t seem to find where NGINX is installed?

I’m guessing then you’re using Home Assistant OS and add-ons?

If so the logs should be accessible through the add-on UI, though I don’t use them and don’t know for sure.

Yeah home assistant os and add ons

I think I found the logs under settings > system > logs then changing the drop down in the top right to the relevant add on.


I got annoyed with it not working so tried NGINX manager as several people recommend that on other threads.

Could not get that to authenticate with let’s encrypt so went back to NGINX SSL proxy, reinstalled and it works!

No idea what it was that I changed but it has now come to life and I have local http access and remote https access.

Thanks for the time anyway