NGINX Home Assistant SSL proxy - Where is the config file?

I am running HA as VM on a Synology NAS. I didn’d find a way to geht things running to have both a domain for HomeAssistnt and for the NAS at the same time properly. I tried using port forwarding to the NAS (443,80 etc) and from there using Synologys integrated reverse-proxy but this didn’t work that way I wanted.

So my conclution is to have NGINX Home Assistant SSL proxy on the HomeAssistant VM
Router is port forwarding to the HA instance with its own IP

This was traight forward. I can reach my HA through HTTPS on the its domain.

Now the only thing I have to get done is to config the NGINX Home Assistant SSL Proxy for other purpises on my network (eg reaching my Synology over HTTPS with its own domain) but I couldn’t find a right path to config NGINX (NGINX Home Assistant SSL proxy Addon).

I tried to use NGINX Proxy manager but this installation needs to be setup from scratch . The Manager is using its own configuration - which I failed with.

Can someone tell me the path to the config of NGINX Home Assistant SSL proxy.

So you can do what you’re trying to do. The customize options allow you to extend the nginx config file with your own config.

That being said, if you want to to use a reverse proxy addon as your LAN reverse proxy for many services and not just HA I would suggest taking a look at the nginx proxy manager addon in the community add-ons repo. It has a nice UI interface that makes it really easy to create a bunch of routes. It also has built-in options for getting Let’s Encrypt certificates for each of your routes and keeping them up to date automatically.

EDIT: Oh sorry I missed that you had tried to use NPM. I mean the path to the config file is within the addon’s container. You can’t get to it. And even if you did your changes wouldn’t survive a restart of the addon. But you can inject custom pieces into it via the customize options I linked. I’m not sure why that would be more or less successful then NPM but it is an option.

If you want to run a reverse proxy addon that gives you absolute full control over the raw config then I might suggest looking at the Caddy 2 addon. That’s what I use personally. It makes it easy to create an HA reverse proxy but it also has a “use your own caddyfile” option for complete control.

Thanks for your fast reply.
All my problems where I thought the reverse proxies are messing things up were caused by the NAS all of a sudden assigning certificates to wrong hosts. After cleaning this up everything works like expected.