Nginx on other systems using letsencrypt certs

I’d like to use the certs and domain name generated by the DuckDNS add-on with nginx reverse proxying services running on another system.

So, to do that I need access to the certs the Duck DNS add-on creates. Is there a way for me to store those in the hassio config directory or to expose those on my LAN in some other way so nginx running on that other system can see them?

You can configure your Samba Share add-on to expose the SSL share in its options (defaults to false). That share contains the certs if you did not alter the Duck DNS configuration of certfile and keyfile.

Nice, I didn’t even notice that! Thank you very much.


Your NGINX reverse proxy can handle all the SSL for you. You don’t need to have SSL enabled on HA if you use NGINX reverse proxy SSL.

Ehh, there’s multiple reasons and eventually I’ll move to certbot on my nginx-running system but for now this was just the easiest path forward.

I guess I don’t understand the configuration you’re going for.

If you have a reverse proxy handling the SSL and DuckDNS, you don’t have to have the certs on your HA instance.

I don’t have the reverse proxy handling the SSL and DuckDNS, I have the addons on HA doing it.

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Sorry, that was not clear to me.

No worries. If I had a nickel every time something wasn’t clear to me I’d be a rich man.

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