NGINX Proxy Manager add-on vs NGINX Home Assistant SSL Proxy

Hi. I have the NGINX Home Assistant SSL Proxy add-on installed and work correctly. Now I see that there is also a NGINX Proxy Manager add-on. I am not clear what is the difference between the two, and whether they are complementary or not.

Anyone knows?


The proxy manager addon is based on this…

Which is really good. I’ve never used the other one so can’t comment on differences.

came here with the same question, didn’t find an answer though :slight_smile:
@zefoto did you end up switching to proxy manager add-on?

the reason I came across this was because i need to setup an addition custom location for externally accessing another locally hosted website which uses the same 443 port.
not sure if that is possible with the ‘nginx Home assistant SSL proxy’ add-on

The answer is a no - at least not to my knowledge.

With the ‘nginx Home assistant SSL proxy’ add-on, along with DuckDNS add-on, you would be able to expose you HA to the internet. The intension here is to get it up and running with minimal user configuration.

And if anyone (like you) wants a step further, to expose additional locations to the internet, then you probably would go with the NGINX Proxy Manager (or Caddy, FWIW) add-on. Obviously more tweaking would be required. Search around you probably would find more discussions.

Could the NGINX Proxy Manager handle Let’sEncrypt DNS-01 challenge these days? I didn’t check for a while now.

I have tried both with the nginx ssl add-on and the nginx proxy manager. I think the specific use case I need wouldn’t work without manually modifying the configuration files. though I haven’t been able to make it work either ways :smiley:

The “NGINX Home Assistant SSL proxy” add-on is just to expose HA only. You can take this off your system if you are planning to do anything else.

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