Nginx proxy manager doesn't start after upgrade HAOS

Hi, I have HAOS installed and yesterday I upgraded to the latest version of the operating system and since then I no longer have access to HA in the usual way. Checking I have seen that the nginx proxy manager addon is stopped and if I try to start it it tells me that port 80 is being used.

Failed to start add-on
Port '80' is already in use by something else on the host.

Checking what is on the port I think the process that is occupying it is something from s6 that looks like it is something from the supervisor.

➜  ~ lsof -i :80                             
1	/package/admin/s6-	0	/dev/null
1	/package/admin/s6-	1	pipe:[21687]
1	/package/admin/s6-	2	pipe:[21688]
1	/package/admin/s6-	3	/run/service/.s6-svscan/lock
1	/package/admin/s6-	5	/run/service/.s6-svscan/control
1	/package/admin/s6-	6	/run/service/.s6-svscan/control
1	/package/admin/s6-	7	anon_inode:[signalfd]
16	/package/admin/s6-	0	/dev/null
16	/package/admin/s6-	1	pipe:[21687]
16	/package/admin/s6-	2	pipe:[21688]
16	/package/admin/s6-	3	/run/service/s6-linux-init-shutdownd/supervise/lock
16	/package/admin/s6-	4	/run/service/s6-linux-init-shutdownd/supervise/control
16	/package/admin/s6-	5	/run/service/s6-linux-init-shutdownd/supervise/control
16	/package/admin/s6-	6	anon_inode:[signalfd]
19	/package/admin/s6-linux-init-	0	/dev/null
19	/package/admin/s6-linux-init-	1	pipe:[21687]
19	/package/admin/s6-linux-init-	2	pipe:[21688]
19	/package/admin/s6-linux-init-	4	/run/service/s6-linux-init-shutdownd/fifo
19	/package/admin/s6-linux-init-	5	/run/service/s6-linux-init-shutdownd/fifo
25	/package/admin/s6-	0	/dev/null
25	/package/admin/s6-	1	pipe:[21687]
25	/package/admin/s6-	2	pipe:[21688]
25	/package/admin/s6-	3	/run/s6-rc:s6-rc-init:jBeHjF/servi

Is this happening to anyone. And if so is there any solution?


It looks like the proxy-manager is started twice (so port 80 is used by itself).
Try and restart the device (not HomeAsisstant) and see if that resolves the problem.

No, I have restarted the entire rpi several times and I always get the same thing.

Hmm, that’s not good.
Can you try and re-install the add-on?

I have installed the old version of nginx proxy manager and I have been dragging my feet for a while to upgrade to version 1.0.1 since they indicate that all the previous version configuration is not valid and I would have to reinstall which is a problem for me since my knowledge in this matter is limited but maybe it has something to do with version incompatibility. If there is no one to give me another clue I will upgrade the nginx version and I hope not to be left without access to HA.

I have updated the nginx proxy manager to 1.0.1 but the problem continues. I can`t start the addon because the port 80 is occupied.


I still can not raise the nginx proxy manager on port 80 with the problems that entails to access the HA. I think I’m in this situation after updating HAOS a few days ago but I can’t find anyone anywhere who is in my case and I have no idea how to avoid it. I have rebooted several times and have everything to the latest version of everything and for some reason the supervisor is still occupying that port.
I think it is not possible but I could somehow stop the supervisor, try to start the nginx and then restart the supervisor to see if seeing the busy port it goes to another port?

I think that this is the problem.

~ docker container ls --format "table {{.ID}}\t{{.Names}}\t{{.Ports}}" -a
CONTAINER ID   NAMES                                       PORTS
6dd72ae6589a   addon_a0d7b954_nginxproxymanager            
f7d823222cdb   hassio_observer                   >80/tcp, :::4357->80/tcp


I just found the problem and it has nothing to do with hassio. The problem was that I watched a video to try to interact through the speakers with the lights with the emulated_hue which I didn’t get to work but I forgot to remove it from the config file and apparently on startup it occupied port 80 before the nginx started. I removed it and it starts. Another thing is that the access by nginx works for me since it is giving me an error “502 Bad Gateway” but at least I have managed to start it.

# host_ip:
# listen_port: 80
# expose_by_default: false
# exposed_domains:
# - light
# entities:
# light.luz_mesa :
# name: "Light living room table"
# hidden: false