Nginx proxy manager : how to access config and settings folders

I installed Nginx Proxy Manager a few week ago and didn’t change the Nginx config yet.

I wanted to add CloudFlare Origin pulls

but how can I access “/etc/nginx/certs/” from HAOS ?

Setting up NGINX to use TLS Authenticated Origin Pulls

For authenticated origin pulls to work, use Full SSL in the Cloudflare SSL/TLS app, and update the origin web server SSL configuration. Download origin-pull-ca.pem origin-pull-ca.pem and place the certificate in a file on your origin web server, for example in /etc/nginx/certs/cloudflare.crt

Then add these lines to the SSL configuration for your origin web server:

ssl_client_certificate /etc/nginx/certs/cloudflare.crt; ssl_verify_client on;

also I love to see some configuration template of Nginx, especial as a revers server.