NGINX setup

Guys I just migrated my home connection to fiber (same router) and NGINX stopped to work.

I tried to re-install both duckdns and NGINX with SSL addons that after configuration don’t have any error on the logs - but when I try to access to my external URL ( is not accessible :frowning:

I am bit lost the only issue I found is this message on the DNS log:

What I can do\check?

Thank You in advance

Did you added some configuration on your old router that is now gone?

Router is the same (I did not change…) - the onlu config is the port forwarding of 443

It’s a bit unclear right now where the error lies, but NXDOMAIN means that the domain does not exist.

So to start, open a command window on your computer and try pinging the full domain name of the duckdns account and see if you get an IP address back or an error that the domain could not be found.

If you get an IP address back, try visiting that IP address with https at the front, and see if it loads anything - it will complain about a certificate error if the IP address is valid, but that’s OK - we expect that.

Hi, the ping works giving back the public IP of my router. Trying to visit it I get the message “can’t reach this page”

if you have also idea\suggestion on which log to surf to deep dive feel free to suggest

Next step is to pop in to the Home Assistant logs, and check if there is a message about an untrusted proxy.

I assume you have edited your Home Assistant configuration.yaml to add the trusted proxy and the use_x_forwarded_for stuff in there?

Yes, I added as trusted proxy