Nginx SSL plugin on synology install?

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Anyone got the Nginx SSL plugin from the official list working on their synology install?

Seems Nginx is already running to serve up communication interface pages for the DSM OS?

Im trying to set up DuckDNS Nginx SSL and DNSmasque, to be able to use my DuckDNS address within and outside of my LAN.

After installing the Nginx SSL plugin, it wont start, seems it is because Nginx is allready running and listening for port 443.

Any ideas how to solve this?

Fredrik,if you get it going, please keep and blog some notes. I see your question pop up often. I wish we could just augment the standard nginx for “flavors” of access form outside.

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Yeah, i will ofcourse document it if i find a solution, but the chance of a solution comming outside of this specific thread is most likely slim, considering it is a Synology specific problem.

Altough, i saw in the first post that Nginx was listed as a tested plugin?