NHC I and Hue lights

Hi all!

I just finished my first setup with home assistant and I love it :slight_smile:

Are there any Niko Home Control (version 1) users? I spend hours looking across the internet to find some details about NHC and the use of virtual outputs and multiple clicks on the push buttons but I could not find anything concrete :frowning:

My problem is simple, Hue lights only work when they have current. But each time the button is pressed (nhc push buttons) the hue lights go offline. Is there any way to take control over the buttons of NHC itself?

If you know of some resources related to NHC and HA please share.

Take a look at this thread.

Does this NHC work over MQTT?

Hi @Burningstone,

Can you reshare the link to the thread (just text now)?

I am running it default over Hassio on a RP 3b+ with the inclusion for NHC in the yaml file.


Ou sorry I forgot to link the thread xD

Can you configure the push buttons to communicate over MQTT?

I will need to look into this. I am still running the not connected controller on NHC1.