Night stand lamp recommendation


What night stand LED lamps/lights do people use that integrate well with home assistant? I recently bought a LED color night stand lamp ( but it doesn’t work well for automation since it doesn’t return to it’s previous state between switch toggles.

I saw the Moonside lamp (All Products – Moonside Design) which looks like it integrates with Google and Alexa. However, Mark Watt Tech mentioned (A UNIQUE Smart Lamp (MOONSIDE LAMP ONE) - YouTube) it didn’t integrate with HA yet, but that Moonside was working on it.

Any recommendations? Looking for a LED color lamp that will integrate well with HA.

Hue Go is a great lamp for that.

My 2c: any lamp can be controlled from HA if you use a smart bulb or switch.
The advantage: you have a much bigger choice in design, practicality, ways of placing, …

I have standard wall lamps which are dirt cheap with smart lighting, controlled by zigbee.


I bought a Moonside before starting my conversion to Home Assistant. Moonside has a cloud api as they have documented here Developer Center - Moonside. Connect the Moonside light to wi-fi and cloud control then setup a restful switch as described here RESTful Switch - Home Assistant. The api is basic on/off for now.