Niko Zigbee switches and dimmer

Niko released their Zigbee wall switches (single, double and dimmer) a few days ago. Anyone bought them and got them to work in ZHA (or deconz or zigbee2mqtt) ?

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Hi, Just installed 3 Niko Zigbee Dimmers and they show up in ZHA just fine. Great way to make a dimmer smart whilst retaining manual control.

Thank you for confirming that, @ddeconin . I’m about to start a new project so I still have the option to add wires where I need them. Can you confirm that the Niko Zigbee dimmers are just wired to 230VAC and then work in stand-alone mode without a Niko Smart Hub, and talk directly to other Zigbee-enabled endpoints (managed via Home Assistant)?

Coming from other (/older) domotica systems, it just feels too simple :slight_smile:

The Niko Zigbee dimmers are indeed meant for existing installations. Wiring Schema can be found here/ Connected dimmer, base, 3 – 200 W, 2-wire, 60 x 71 mm, claw fixing, Zigbee®.
The niko guide mentions the use of the hub, but I paired them straight into ZHA (I’m using a CONBEE II zigbee coordinator stick). Make sure to get the zigbee version and not the easywave version.
I like the spouse factor of still having a physical dimmer switch that uses the same shield plates & covers then the other switches at my home.


Do we get power consumption with those ?
Could you share some screenshots about what exposed ?
It could be a game changer to have the zigbee built-in rathen than having to install a shelly behind…
Thanks a lot

Anyone knows if these have a “smart light” mode so I can configure them to not cut power from the bulb when I switch off the light?

is it a router or end device?