Nissan CarWings Broken Again? Feb 2021

I’m not sure if it’s just me or maybe the way I’ve submitted my issues but I don’t seem to be getting any responses on the broken integration with Nissan CarWings in Home Assistant.

HA log: carwings error INVALID PARAMS: -2010

An unknown error occurred while connecting to Nissan: <class ‘pycarwings2.pycarwings2.CarwingsError’> - I’m the latest comment here. No response. - I opened a new issue here. No response.

Posting here for vision and or insight. Thank you all!

Its not just you – the library appears to be broken (again).

The Nissan app and the other 3rd party integration I use still works fine…

May I ask what other 3rd party integration you use that still works? This HA project seems to be abandoned by the devs and I can’t seem to buy a response from anyone that knows how to fix it.

The iOS EVA app still works as expected. I tried to MITM this app the the Nissan app but it appears either iOS or the apps are cert pinning.

I’ve forked pycarwings2 in order to do some troubleshooting and maybe a PR. Looking back there appears to be similar issues from previous versions where urllib started passing a user agent header.

I’m stepping the lib in my free time to try troubleshoot. The problem is there is zero documentation on the API and the error is super generic.