Nividia Shield TV - integration options?

Not really sure if anyone still needs the basic power controls for an Nvidia Shield TV, but I recently wanted voice controlled power on and power off and could not find proper ways or decent IR codes.

NOTE: The following is only tested on Nvidia Shield TV GEN1

So I setup and configured emulted_hue.
I took an old Harmony One I was not using anymore and quickly configured it for the Nvidia Shield TV. (you won’t need this, since I’ll give you the Base64 codes later)
I then used a Broadlink RM Mini 3 (10 euro’s) and configured the RM Switch

Here is the end result:

# Broadlink RM Mini 3 IR Blaster
switch 1:
  - platform: broadlink
    host: x.x.x.x
    mac: 'xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx'
    timeout: 15
        friendly_name: "Office Nvidia Shield TV"

Now I can just say “OK Google, turn Shield TV on” or “Hey Google, turn Nvidia TV off” (any word combo that relates, google home will match)

Hope it helps someone, since it took me some time to get it all sorted out :wink:


I didn’t know the remote controlled with IR, I thought was all on WiFI.

WHere is the Shield Tv IR RECEIVER located???

@anon35356645 Hi I forgot to mention that I own GEN1 Nvidia Shields which have IR receivers on the front. I remember reading that the latest GEN2’s don’t have that anymore :frowning:

I went into some depth on a method here that doesn’t require ir or extra hardware, after automagic was mentioned here. It will allow you to expose specific apps (Alexa, turn on netflix!)

It can likely post power status elsewhere on a given interval but I haven’t gone down that route (yet).

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Hi Guys,
I have been using STV for quiet some time together with Logitech Harmony. Planing to switch to Crestron since I got few other devices to control (RS232, Relay and custom IP command). However, I am worried do I miss the Bluetooth keyboard functionality which is a key thing while I use the Shield primarily for KODI!!
I was wondering is there a success story/any simple solution anyone can share?

Thanks in advance!


Thanks @STVE, definitely going to try this as I have a Broadlink RM 3 which is still unused in the box.

Hey @STVE, do you happen to have other IR codes for Nvidia Shield TV? I’ve managed to get a working template from broadlink store, but the only button that does not work is left (needed to unlock screen), so I cannot run a scene successfully :confused: .

If someone is still searching for this:

    "shield": {

Hope it helps


do i need to first sync or add the nvidia remote with broadlink and paste this preconfigured commands? or no need that? just copy paste and it works? I have the nvidia shield pro 2021