Nix the Hamburger Icon totally

Hi there,

I run the walpanel app on an old nexus 7 as an interface in the public space of my house, so other folks can switch the outside ligth to permanent and see other stuff i want to be public knowledge like the waste shedule etc. pp.

Now I dont want them to change anything. Thats why I choose wallpanel as an app on the home screen, so one only can access the settings of walpanel via http or mttq, but no other way. And its pretty sofisticated to get out of the wall panel to the android and the other apps on the tablet.

So now I want the same thing for the frontend. II want to create a user that cant change anything, and even only can see the stuff I delcare visible for him, no sense in everytime i change something set it invisible for this user.

as an alternative I would like to remove the hamburger or the settings and notifications from the sidebar in the lovelace frontend.

I already created a seperate user and seperate dashboard thats loaded. Nixed all entries under the Hamburger menue, but still the settings and notifications are there…

Any idea how to do that?

any idea how to do that?

You may want to have a look at the Kiosk Mode integration available in HACS. I don’t think it’ll completely protect you but it comes close.

indeed, I think that gets me where I want to. The folks having access are basically noobs and mostly trustworthy, and any intruder wont figgure it out that fast, they usually are to dump to pick a lock and rather apply brute force, so its unlikely theres a tech savy guy araund to show them how to circumvent that thing.

thanks a lot for the hint