Nmap challenges

I have previously used Bluetooth for device tracking, but since I have moved from a Pi to an old laptop - which also has some ancient form of bluetooth, I have been playing around with NMAP. We have an IOS and Android device that should be tracked.

I have this in my config file:

  - platform: nmap_tracker
    consider_home: 1500
    home_interval: 4

This works great for the Android, but not so well IOS device. I am getting strange “Home” and then 10 minutes later “Away”, but that shouldn’t be possible with “consider home” set to 1500 sec? As I understand it, there should be a 25 minutes grace (1500 sec) from “Home” to “Away” should be possible? But that is not at all what I am seeing.

Have you double-checked to make sure you don’t also have a consider_home parameter set under devicename:?

Take a look at this custom component, it works better for ios devices.

I did have my devices also under the bluetooth tracker - same MAC adresses. After I removed the bluethooth tracker it works, so it must be interlinked somehow.

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