Nmap configuration (home_interval)


Greetings, need some help with nmap component

Here is my config:

  - platform: nmap_tracker
    home_interval: 3

“home_interval (Optional): The number of minutes nmap will not scan this device, assuming it is home, in order to preserve the device battery.”
I guess, it should update every 3 minutes, but “6 min ago” (I turned off wi fi on phone)



I just tried it. My home interval is set to two minutes. It recognises I’m away four minutes after I turn off wifi on my phone. It’s unreliable, just like every other HA tracker.


Really works bad. Because wi fi on smartphone is turning off when you do not use it, nmap is getting wrong data. I can see how I am out of home and then again at home trough night. What can you advice? Which component will do the job?


None of them. HA is hopeless at this.

Some people find using a Bayesian sensor to combine multiple trackers works for them. Personally it’s just too much hassle.

Likewise this seems like a lot of effort:


Homekit presence works very reliable for me


It did for me for a few days then started false alerting.


Yes, I read you’re not a big fan of the current HA presence detection components but that doesn’t mean it not working for all of us.


Great. Maybe it will work for Argo. Then again maybe it wont. What a wonderful product.


I think you forgot to take your happy-pill this morning.


anwsering the original query, my config is:

  platform: nmap_tracker
  cosider_home: 600
  interval_seconds: 20
  home_interval: 10

I have iphones. Still get false away readings, but setting the home interval t 10 minutes helps reduce them.

Hope this helps


Indeed. I’ve been battling HA all afternoon to get a simple Google Calendar event to trigger and it’s pissing me right off. Apologies for venting my frustrations with HA here.


Presence sensing is the base of home automation, and when this feature not working it makes the whole system unusable

For some reason this issue kind of ignored, for me personally this issue holds me back from moving all my stuff exclusively to HA so I must still use Xiaomi’s app


Thank you for advice, will try it tonight