Nmap Integration setup

Just updated to September’s release and have run into a problem, the Nmap tracker integration.

Is there documentation on how to set it up, as I’m trying to relate what’s showing in the add new integration box (Nmap tracker) to what I have in my confguration.yaml.

Can someone explain what to put in the last line (Raw configurable scan options)? I had a delay (consider_home: 900) and want to keep this as it’s worked perfectly for me.

consider_home has been deprecated for some time

The rest should have been migrated automatically

I must have missed that somewhere. I need to check my automations again. The nmap section of my configuration file was some of the first things I added. Obviously consider_home being deprecated didn’t affect the setup.

You say migrated over automatically, to what exactly? Do you mean that the pre-filled line for raw configurable scan options are the options I set up, so is should just add the IP addresses that I need to track and that’s it?

Yes, the IP addresses and scan options should have been migrated. Mine were on my test install (haven’t upgraded my main install yet).

As for consider_home that was really only announced to developers or those following HA’s development closely. It’s also been underway for about as long as the deprecation of known_devices.yaml, which is still around :joy:

Ahh, okay. That’d be why I didn’t spot it.
Back to the integration, it didn’t have the correct scan options. I’m away from my computer currently, but if I remember correctly, it was just set to scan192.168.1.1/24 (that’s everything between 1 and 24, right?) when my original setup wad just watching two seperate addresses.
That’s why I was confused when you said everything should migrate over automatically.

I did a quick lookup on the nmap man page:

for example, would scan the 256 hosts between
and 192.168.3-5,7.1 will scan the four addresses,,, and 

The /24 is designating a subnet mask, meaning out of the 32bit address space, 24bits are for the network and 8bits (256) are for the hosts on the network.
If you want to scan hosts 1-24, try

That is everything between 1 and 254

Thanks for that. I went back again myself to double check.