Nmap presence detections on two networks

I’ve just starting playing with HomeAssistant and I’m struggling with presence detection. I’m using HA on a Raspberry Pi, with nmap for presence detection. My network has regular access and guest access available: my RPi participates in the regular network through ethernet and in the guest network through wifi. How can I configure nmap to detect both networks?

The guest access is (mainly) used by visiting family members and I wouldn’t want to turn off the heating whenever they’re still present, so devices on the guest network have to be scanned as well for known devices.

I’m am using a FritzBox, but the fritzconnection tracker doesn’t show guest devices either (and seems to have an impact on traffic, so I’ve disabled that altogether).

Any pointer much appreciated!

I’m not sure you can have two nmap device_trackers, but try two nmap device_trackers, each with a different hosts configuration.

Thanks for the suggestion! Silly me was trying to do it with only one tracker. I got no errors when configuring a second nmap_tracker, so now I’ll just wait for my guests to arrive.

Actually turned out to be working well. Guest devices are now detected as well, after configuring a second nmap_device tracker.

Do you mind showing how you did this? I’m having the same problem. I used the suggested ip range to scan from the components page but have no idea which ip range to use for my guest network. Any idea?

I’m sorry, but I moved on to a different configuration in the meantime, so I can’t tell you what that configuration looked like anymore…

Hello Patrick – how did you connect your RPI to your guest wifi network?



Did you figure out how to track devices on a guest network? I have my RPI connected to my main network and would like to track family members connected to the guest network. I’m using Google WiFi. Nmap and Ping do not seem to track IPs on a guest network. It always sets the state as not home. Do you know if this is possible? Thanks!