NMAP V Ping whats the difference / advantages?


Playing with automation when home or not, have got ping working and now also have got NMAP working (had to install due to path error)

Have read the details on both but can any bodu simply tell me why one is better than the other.

Many thanks in advance.

Regards, Dave

Nmap will find all the devices in your network and report them in the known_devices.yaml file.

Ping will only look for the devices you tell it to look for to see if it is there, and so uses far less processing.

Which is better depends on your requirements.

Also, ping works if your devices are in a different subnet.
Some devices are not visible with nmap, but do reply to ping. I’ve heard some mobile phones do this.

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And the other way around, some devices won’t respond to ping, but an nmap scan may find them.

Many thanks for all your replies, will have a play

Re Dave