No access to Web Interface


I’m new and had HA running. After a change in the configuration files the Web Interface is no longer reachable on port 8123.

The Observer URL on port 4357 works an shows:


Connecting a display to HDMI port on my pi4 gives access to the CLI.

Question: How can I edit the configuration files from the CLI to solve the problem?

Thanks for an answer!!


cd /config
nano configuration.yaml

Use Google for help with the nano text editor.

Once you have made your changes, do a config check:

ha core check

If that passes, restart to commit the changes:

ha core restart

Alternatively, if you added the SAMBA addon your /config directory should be available on the network and you can edit the files from any PC on your network.

Hi Tom,
thank you!
I don’t have Samba installed and the cd /config command is not working from CLI interface.
What can I do to make the command work?

That depends what “not working” means.

Error message?

Did you log in?

Is HA in a docker container?

yes, its a standard raspy installation on a pi4. The HA> prompt only accepts HA CLI commands (Home Assistant command line), no cd or nano. Can I exit from that to get on the basic shell?

Hi, is there anyone can help? I need to edit the config file from HDMI Display and keyboard direct attached to pi4. Thanks for any hint.