No accessories shared via Homekit Bridge

I’m new to Homassistant and have Homebridge before.

Now: newly setup my Odroid XU4 with the image provided and configured the Homekit bridge.
However, the only accessories I see in Homekit side is the presence detection from the Home Assistant app. Vice versa, the bridge does not expose any of the Homekit inventory to Home Assistant.
The HASS Bridge in Home Assistant theoretically enables me to add automations and scripts, but clicking on the “+”-sign gives me the message that automations or scripts are not supported for this device.

So, maybe I’m wrong in my expectation in the functionality of the bridge, but what is the purpose? I was hoping to manage e.g. my smart plugs with a timer top turn them off after a specific time.

Thank you for any hints.

I may be mistaken as to your inquiry, but the HomeKit bridge is an accessory for HomeKit that exposes your HASS devices to HomeKit. For all intents and purposes it’s a built-in Homebridge server (and as far as I know it actually is, I’ve been unable to determine that, but it acts like one). If you want to expose the HomeKit devices you have added from another source (i.e, link to a Homebridge server and use those accessories in HASS) I think you need to use the HomeKit Controller integration.

I’ve only just slightly played with the Controller and it didn’t really get it working. Somehow, somewhere I was able to get it to let me add a PIN and it did connect to that accessory (aka a Homebridge server) but it didn’t seem to recognize everything, since then I can only get it to see the HomeKit servers I have created in HASS.

If you are referring to exposing HASS devices to HomeKit, that works great for me so far, I’ve set up a half dozen “servers” in HASS for various purposes and it’s super easy to add them in HomeKit.

But again, perhaps I misunderstood your question.