No actions for cover entities from aladdin_connect

Hello all. I’m pretty new to Home Assistant but so far, I’ve managed to accomplish a lot of cool things using documentation, intuition, and other community posts from here. That said, I finally ran into something I couldn’t find an answer for :frowning:.

A while ago, I added aladdin_connect to my configuration.yaml. The setup went well, and now both of my openers are visible and work as expected (open, close, etc). However, when I went to add an automation for them, I can’t find them as a device under “Actions”. Does anyone know a fix or workaround for that?

Automation goal: If everyone is away, don’t allow the garage door to stay open for more then __ minutes.


Use service call actions rather than device actions. The target will be an Entity, not a Device.

TYVM! That looks like it did the trick. Now to test it out.

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Really try to avoid device triggers, conditions and actions where possible. It will be much easier if you ever have to replace a physical device as you can change an entity_id in one place. You can’t do this with device_ids and would have to search and replace the device id everywhere you have used it.