No "Add-On Store"

In the home assistant menu
Hass IO has an add-on store in the Hass IO menu
Hassbian’s has no Hass IO menu (clicked all the icons)

Does this mean I need to load Hass IO onto a buster lite image or is there a way to get the add on store in Hassbian?

you must be using in order to get the add-on store, thats the only way.

Hassio has addons.

Hasbian does not.

You can pretty much install the same applications using docker, or even natively if you are using Hasbian.

If you install HACS you get an addon store

Nope. HACS is for plug-ins, (themes?) and integrations. Not Hassio addons.

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Thanks for the quick responses. Like anybody I am looking for the shortest path to success. I have Arduino/ESP C++ skills and enough linux not freak out.

I appreciate there may be a Docker specific solution, but I’m not familiar enough for that adventure.

Does Hacs havs the ESPhome add on?

Adding Hass/Buster/pi4 is a known rabbit hole. Also if is the more common install, there will be more paths to follow.

Thanks again for the responses

No. HACS does not have any add-ons, the previous user was incorrect. HACS is a “store” for custom components, custom lovelace cards, and that sort of thing.

Then you are out of luck, because add-ons are specifically crafted docker containers. With no docker, there are no add-ons.

You don’t need to know much anything about docker (or even linux really) to use HassIO though, so I wouldn’t discount it quickly. Take a look at this set of bash commands; This is all that’s required to install docker and homeassistant. You can learn about it and how to use it as you go on.

If you want to use addons without HassIO, that is possible (kind of…), but you still must use docker. As I said, add-ons are docker containers specifically crafted to be managed by Home Assistant. Most of these add-ons are not created specifically for HassIO, but preexisting and modified. For instance the deCONZ addon, you can just install the marthoc deconz docker container and connect it to home assistant yourself.
If you want to use hasbian still, you can install docker by itself and add any other container you want, but it still relies on docker.

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I do not need a hassio addon to use esphome. There are very clear instructions in the esphome documentation.

I get that docker is inherent to hassio. The bash commands are for Ubuntu. Not all the repositories are matched for Raspbian so I added the repositories and the docker would not install. I do believe given time I can resolve this but this rabbit hole remains an unknown.
I have it running in a python virtual environment. This is recommended for test driving only.
I am not sure a command line environment is for me or that I want to go back to Hassbian to try it out as I am hopeful the Hassio image for Pi4 will soon be available. Ill ask the question in a separate thread and decide from there how to proceed.
Thanks again