No "Add to Home screen" in Chrome for Android

I’ve stumbled upon an issue that I don’t know how to resolve.

Today, by mistake, I removed the HASS icon from my phone’s home screen. The thing is, I can’t figure out how to get it back!

When I look in the Chrome menu, the option “Add to Home screen” just isn’t there! Instead, there’s something called “Open Assistant”, which just launches the site as an “app”.

The thing is, as far as I can tell, any other site I go to, the “Add to Home screen” option is available in the menu. See for example when I go to this site:

I’ve tried clearing all history and cache, rebooted the phone. Nothing I’ve tried works. I just can’t get the option to show up, and it’s driving me insane!

Has anyone here stumbled upon this before? How did you resolve it?

Thank you!

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Ok, so now I feel really silly.

Apparently, what I did was just to remove the icon from the home screen. But, the app “Assistant” was still installed on the phone, hence “Open Assistant” in the menu in Chrome, which just opened the app “Assistant”.

Oh well, hopefully someone can learn from my mistake.


That I did. Thanks for posting :smile:


Found this after trying to link Google assistant. Thought I had removed the home screen app and still couldn’t get it to link.

After finding this realised the app was still in my app draw. Once uninstall it linked ok.

Managed to do the exact same thing, was pretty confused for a couple of mins till I found this post!

Thanks bro. Your advice was perfect. I have been crazy for a month for this issue.

Another user with egg on his face. Same problem. The fact that the app is called “Assistant” and not “Home Assistant” in the app drawer totally threw me off.

Glad I found this. It literally just happened to me. I don’t think I deleted the home screen icon - I suspect it disappeared when I updated and refreshed the front end. Perhaps the home screen icon is tied to version? I’ve had that happen with actual apps - they disappear from the home screen when they’re updated, even though the app is still installed.

Much relief, and glad I checked this post!

Also lost my icon. Also found this post. Also helped my dumb ass fix it.

Helpful for iOS Users like me, thanks! :slight_smile:

I have two homeassistant instances , but only one can be put on homescreen without “add to homescreen”, it’s very unfriendlly for multiple devices users.

I agree with maxmib, super annoying that the assistant app takes over the add to home screen option. Adding a shortcut to grafana is impossible as i run it through the same proxy server in a subdirectory.