No album art in Music Player Daemon integration (2021.1)

I’m using HA core 2021.1.1 in docker installation.
The release notes for HA 2021.1 say:

The Music Player Daemon integration now shows album art in the media player.

Unfortunately with Music Player Daemon integration there is no album art in media-player card.
For the associated media_player entity I have the attribute entity_picture like this:

entity_picture:  /api/media_player_proxy/media_player.mopidy_raspi3?token=94900f8d452442b562405e7f9ee31af85a8add3fc3ac8a06519bcf0efa9e31d7&cache=dbab593a8a04f592

The media palyer is mopidy v 3.1.1 with Mopidy-MPD extension.
Is there anyone with mpd and the correct album art displayed in media-player card?

Take a look at this custom component:

I couldn’tget the albumart to show up with the mpd integration with mopidy.