No app settings available when not logged as administrator

I just installed the lates HA OS version 2021.12.1and the compagnon App.
I realized that If I log as a normal user on the compagnon app I cannot access the app settings
So for example I would not be able to revoke the tracking from the app. But more importantly I cannot enable any sensor as a normal user. I need to log as the administrator.
The settings for the app is under configuration>compagnon app configuration.
The configuration menu only shows up if you are an administrator. Both menu should be separated as it seemed to be the case in earlier versions (from the snapshot of the help I can find on internet)

I understand that you should be an administrator to change any setting of the server.
But not for the settings of the application. The owner of the phone should be able to change the settings of the app. Otherwise you have to give administrator right to any one you give access to your sever through the phone.
This can be a big security issue depending on where you use the server (in a home, in an office,…) and who you give access to (teenager,…)
Is there a way to access the settings of the app without being an administrator.
Otherwise would it be possible to change this behavior.

This should be fixed in the next HA bug fix. Might be in 2021.12.2

In the meantime you can get to settings by turning off data on the device and accessing settings from the prompt.

Thank you
I will wait for the correction :slight_smile:

I am actually getting the direct opposite of the OP issue.
Non-admin users are able to access the App Configuration menu on iPhone.
Admin users cannot see the App Configuration at all.

Only way I can get this is to create a 2nd user as a day to day user, then login as that… however it is cumbersome to do this as I am trying to build out/test my HA configs, so I would have to constantly logout and back in to HA as 2 users. Gets confusing at times.

Is there a working solution to allow Admins to see the App Configuration menu on Iphone?
BTW: I am running 2021.12.10.

UPDATE 1: Found it… and if you blink you will miss it.
Had to close out the app completely. Upon relaunching it, there will be a yellow/gold cog-wheel in the lower right of the screen. It only stays lit up for a few milliseconds then fades away. If you are quick enough, click and you are in the app configuration.

I do not understand why this is like this for admins only… and if there was a way to make the cog-wheel stick around for a couple seconds that would be better.

UPDATE 2: Found the Companion App settings in the Configuration menu that was updated. (2nd from bottom). This is much easier than trying to chase the cog-wheel on relaunch.

I’ve just done that too. Companion App is inside the Configuration Menu not on the main screen. In other words, it’s under your nose. It’s great when you find it.