No "Built in add-ons" - can't install add-ons!

Hi there!

I’m new to Home Assistant, so it might be a really stupid question, but for some reason I’m already stuck! I watched multiple videos on YouTube to see how to get started, but all of them could just use an “INSTALL” button for the built-in addons. For some reason I can’t do this. I see this:

How come I don’t see the install buttons? What am I missing? All the videos I watched just went to the section and hit the install button.

I installed HA on a Rpi 3B.

Edit: used the image mentioned on the install guide: resinos-hassio-1.1-raspberrypi3


Which browser are you using? When I tried using IE 11 I had the same problems. The hotspots are there you just can’t see them.

I started using Chrome and the problems went away.
Should see:

and then pick the addons that you want: