No "calendar" option in automation triggers list

I am complete newbie to HA. I am trying to use automations triggered by Local Calendar events. When I try to create a new automation, “Calendar” is not one of the options in the trigger type dropdown list. Have I perhaps missed a configuration step when I added Local Calendar, or am I missing something much simpler?!

Have you setup the Local Calendar Integration first?

If so, then you can start typing in the search box for triggers and it should pop up.

I started composing a reply, and was going to send you an image with no search result when “calendar” was typed into the trigger search, which I had been doing prior to my cry for help. However, when I did that, I now have the “calendar” option available. I have been trying this for several hours! Not sure if it just took forever to integrate (I even rebooted the hardware), or if you just have good karma, but thanks very much for the quick reply.