No connection after restart/reboot

Hi everyone,
I’m quite new to home assistant and everythings works perfectly. But sometimes when I need to restart the system for installing an addon or something else, I cannot connect to my server. I had the several times, but every 2-3 weeks I’m facing this problem. Most times I need to flash the SD card and install everything new and restore my backup. But this is exausting and frustrating.

Does anyone know a solution or is facing/had the same problem.

Would be very grateful for some help.

From the fact that you mention SD card we can guess that you run on some form of Pi, but which one?

It’s running on a Raspberry Pi 4.

The usual suspects are:

  1. SD card failing - though re-flashing it wouldn’t typically help here
  2. Power - more likely if you’re not using the power supply that came with the Pi or have devices connected to the USB ports
  3. Both - a borderline power supply can cause file system corruption

Actually I’m using the power supply that came with the pi and I only attached a zigbee dongle. The weird thing about this issue is, that the restart most of the is working without any problems. But sometimes when I restart the system from the UI, after checking the configuration, it seems to have a problem. In my router settings I can see the server connected with ethernet. When I flash the SD card and restore the backup from last night e.g. its working again without any problems.

I changed the micro sd card and it worked. Seems that the sd card had a failure.