No consumption in kWh from Qubino Flush relay

I have two Qubino Flush relays (ZMNHAD) to control and measure the floor heating and towel dryer in the bathroom.
But I can’t get them to show Electric Consumption in kWh.
I have reinstalled them several times but they always show consumption = 0 kWh.

Has anyone had the same problem and managed to solve this, and how did you do it?
Qubino ZMNHAD no kWh

Is there a solution to this Qubino problem?

a gently reminder if someone found a solution

I have solved the problem temporarily with this automation that updates the sensors every minute.

- id: '1666956040445'
  alias: Badrum uppdatera sensor kWh
  description: Uppdatera värdet för kWh
  - platform: time_pattern
    minutes: /1
  condition: []
  - service: zwave_js.refresh_value
      - sensor.sw_badrum_golvvarme_electric_consumption_kwh
      - sensor.sw_badrum_handdukstork_electric_consumption_kwh
      refresh_all_values: true
  mode: single