No controls on DiscreteExteriorHeating Device by Somfy via Tahoma

DiscreteExteriorHeating by Somfy

Connected via TaHoma V2
Firmware: 5124182A04
Hardware: io:DiscreteExteriorHeatingIOComponent

Home Assistant 2022.9.7
Supervisor 2022.09.1
Operating System 9.0
Frontend 20220907.2 - latest


After auto discovery of my Tahoma devices, my DiscreteExteriorHeating devices show no controls. It are on/ off io switches by Somfy. Controls work fine via Tahoma directly. Other devices in my Tahoma setup do show controls as expected like my UpDownExteriorScreens, DimmerLights, BioclimaticPergolas and PositionableHorizontalAwnings.

Are the DiscreteExteriorHeating devices by Somfy not fully suported yet?