No data written to influx database

I have installed influx on a fresh ubuntu installastion, created a home_assistant database and updated configuration.yaml to use this database. (HASSIO and the database are now on two different PCs)


This seems to generate all the expected styrcture in the database, but no measurements (data) is flowing into the database.
Although the structure seems to be correct, there is no data.

At the same time the local database “home-assistant_v2.db” database file is updated, and I kind of expected this to stop update after the change in configuration.yaml to use the influx db.

Is there anything else I have to do in order to make data flow into the influx db?

I can’t answer for your influxdb problems but the answer to your question regarding the builtin database is : no, it’s not disabled by adding influx as that is not part of the recorder component.

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It seems that data was flowing into the database after all. It was my use of Grafana and influx CLI that was failing.

This was a bit embarrassing, but now I am ready to move on!

Does that mean that I will have to clean out the local database regularly in order to keep the file from getting too big (as it is running on a 32Gb memory card on a RPI), or does this happen automatically?

Check the docs for the recorder component and look for purge_keep_days and purge_interval. If you set those, HASS will clean the database for you.

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