No descriptive text for integration configurations

Whenever I try to add a new integration through the UI I do not get any descriptive text for configuration fields. And most times pressing Save or Submit does nothing, it just reloads the popup. It has been like this on several versions of HA, don’t remember when it started, but I guess its something in my installation. I run a container in Docker.
Any ideas?

Try using the default theme.

No difference. Its not that the text doesn’t show, its not there (trying to “mark it”. Tried different browsers and mobile app without any success.

I constantly have this issue, most of the time I can only see the descriptive text if I explicitly click and put the cursor there or activate a drop down menu. Sometimes ctrl-F5 works, sometimes I have to actually go and clear cache (yes ctrl-F5 ‘should’ do this but it does not always work). Other times I have to type in my HA ip address with just the ip:port and no following such as ‘\lovelace’ and then when I go back to configuration it works. This happens to me a lot with yaml edits in cards where I make changes and the save button never comes up; frustrating but usually work around-able.

Which web browser are you using?

Tried em all, Chrome, Safari, Firefox. All show the same result. Im thinking if there is some sort of permissions error. I can’t guarantee I haven’t messed up sudoing.