No Doorbell Message in Homekit

Hi everyone,

I’ve recently switched from Homebridge to Home Assistant thanks to my new NAS. Thanks to various tutorials, I’ve already learned a lot. However, I’m having trouble properly integrating my Ring Intercom into HomeKit.

My Ring Intercom is connected via Ring MQTT, and I have the lock set up as an accessory in HomeKit. Unlocking works fine, but I’m not receiving notifications in HomeKit when someone rings the doorbell. The Doorbell entity from Ring MQTT detects the ringing, but nothing comes through to HomeKit. What could be the issue?

It worked perfectly in Homebridge (and no, I don’t want to switch back :wink:).

Thanks for your help

There are more capabilities for some systems in Homebridge than HomeKit integrations. I run both since HA will talk to Homebridge and use it as an accessory, so HB just becomes a conduit rather than your full system.