No DS18B20 readings

I recentely upgraded to HA 2022.10.5 from 2022.5. I postponed the upgrade because native 1 wire support was discontinued from 2022.6 and I use the 1 wire to read the DS18B20 units in my floor heating.
Ok so I installed HACS, from HACS the 1 wire support via sysbus. so far so good thank to an extreme usefull instructionpage.
I see various python files in /config/custom_components/onewire_sysbus. nice.
I did not change the boot/config.txt because the additional lines were already available.
the DS18B20 sensors are present in /sys/bus/w1/devices so that’s ok.
but I can’t find the sensor.28-* in de developer tools states or anywhere else.
I restarted HA core several times but no succes.
who can help me a step further?