No effect on customization for home bridge

I have just installed homebridge on my rPi and have successful connected home assistant. But now I want to hide some switches, sensors and lamps in the “Home” app on the iPhone. So I am customizing Home Assistant customization configuration with this entry but the switch will not disappear.

    homebridge_hidden: true

I have also tried to add below without no luck.

    homebridge_name: My awesome switch

How do I get home bridge to react to the changes I have made in home assistant config file?


I just tried, it worked as expected for me.

Maybe foolish of me to ask, but You did restart HA and homebridge? Also, all of those yaml-files are almost ridiculously picky with the right amount of spaces and such.


Ofcourse I restarted HA. It works now, it takes a couple of restarts and around 24h then it work, same thing every time