No energy sensors detected in AUBESS switches, managed by Tuya

I have installed and working with Tuya, several AUBESS mini switches with energy sensor purchased on Aliexpress. “Home Assistan” does detect the switch integration, but it does not detect its energy sensor entities (The integration installed in H.A. is Yours, official). Other switch socket models if detected correctly)
Is there any solution for it?

What’s the model of the switch

Have a look on blakadder ZigBee to see if it’s been tested

La única información que tengo es la que adjunto en la foto.

have you tried localTuya. The tuya integration sometimes does now show all the entities. If you use Tuyalocal you can map all the entities

Probaré con Tuya Local, pero tengo entendido que hay que desinstalar el otro Tuya, no es así?

I couldn’t detect them. I have compared the code in Tuya iot, between various models on the market and I do not see the cause? Any more suggestion?

These switches come in 2 variants. With and without energy monitoring. From outside they are identical! Check first with SmartLife application if your switch even has energy monitoring!

But I have same issues with local-tuya. It does recognize protocol and any dps. You can select 3.3 and manually add dps, but whatever you add, you get “unavailable” switch in HA. Did anyone succeed with these and local-tuya?

Did you find the solution?
I am thinking in buying aubess sensors,but i need them working in HA.
I have other devices in tuya integration working fine,but i need power metering

Hey, community.
I have the same problem.
All these Aubess devices doesn’t show the power information (Watts and Volts)on home assistant oficial integration.
If you know the solution for this problem, share if us.

Are you sure you have model with power monitoring? They look the same, but 90% of them does not have power monitoring hardware inside…

I have the same problem, if someone knew how to solve it that would be amazing <3

There are two things you need to do:

A) First, enable each of the device’s sensors in HA. Often, sensors for switches are disabled by default. It might take a few minutes until the sensors are available as entities.


B) Add an additional helper (Rieman sum integral sensor) to translate the device’s energy consumption from W to kWh

  - platform: integration
    source: sensor.fridge_w
    name: fridge_kwh
    unit_prefix: k
    round: 2
    method: left   ### optional depending on how stable or fluctuating the power consumption is (see description of this Riemann integration)

If required you can also add an additional sensor to translate from kWh to daily/weekly/monthly consumption using Utility Meter

    source: sensor.fridge_kwh
    cycle: daily
    name: Fridge kwd

Note that it will take a day or longer until you can see the kWd consumption in HA.

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I managed to activate the sensors by entering the device, and in the tool wheel validating the sensor/entity activation tab and then accessing the option that indicates that there are three sensors available and validating each of them.