No enitiy_id created Roborock S7

Hi there,

i have a problem to integrate my Roborock Vacuum to HA.

I added it to the config.yaml

– platform: xiaomi_miio
name: Vacuum
host: 192.168……
token: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

After rebooting the Notification shows up that a new device is detected and the Xiaomi Miio Intergration Shows the Vacuum.
But I don’t get a entity_id… i don’t know what to do now.

I’m having the same problem! Done through the mi home app, got the token. And all installed. Just no devices or entities showing!

Let me know if you find a solution

a fix is on the way? waiting for an update…

It’s working for me in version 2021.5.1 :smiley:


Yes it works now :slight_smile:

Just got a roborock S7, can anyone point me to getting the token? thanks!


Thanks! Going to have a go at it this coming weekend. Wish me luck!

Does the S7 now fully integrate with HA like the previous ones (s5 s6)? I’m about to pull the trigger but i want to make sure before i do.

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Hi, I’m wondering the same thing here ! Any answer please ? :slight_smile:

Hi, I own a Roborock S7 and I do have it integrated into HA. No problem at all.
All you need is the token that can be obtained here.
This is how I have it on Home Assistant…
PS: Sorry, it is in Portuguese…


Thanks! I just ordered mine :slight_smile:
Are you happy with yours?

Sure. It’s my first vacuum robot so I can’t compare to others, but I think it is amazing!
The vibrating mop really do a great job.

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Thank you for your answers ! I just ordered mine :slight_smile:

You are welcome.
Any questions about adding the Roborock S7 into HA, please post it here.

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Is it possible to run only the HA integration or do you have to run both the android/ios roborock app and the HA integration?

Thanks for the sharing.

Can you control the “mopa” as you can choose on the roborock application? To turn off and on , to set the desired type of clean with “mopa”… soft… medium or high?

Can you put the yaml of the card that you have configured?
All that is on the image that you show @MrFroggy ?

I use both. But you can use only the app or only the integration with HA.

You do have an attribute to show if the mop is installed or not, but I don’t think you can control that from HA, you can control it only from the app.
This functionality is already asked at Roborock integration github page. Maybe in the near future…