No entities for Tuya zigbee scene switch

I have brought a zigbee Tuya scene switch from AliExpress. I am able to configure it.

But I see no entities except battery. This will have 12 scenes ( 3 scenes for each switch).
can someone help me on how this can be achieved and if someone tried it ?

thank u …

It is a switch so no entities except battery. You need to check events.

If you are using ZHA, search for zha.event in developers tools > events.

If you use the automation UI, no need to search for events, you will find all available actions when selecting your switch as device trigger.

I am using Zigbee Home Automation . This is a Sonoff zigbee bridge flashed with Tasmota if that matters.

I am new to HA and trying to understand , I believe I need to search the events like entities. But I do not see any as you mentioned. Could you help me here?

You need to scroll down in that page to Listen to events and you need to listen to zha_event. Then click on your switch’s buttons.

If you go to Configuration > Automation and you add a new automation, you will be able to select your switch as the device to use. Then you should see all possible actions under trigger