No entities loading - entity not available

After updating to version 84, my entities are no longer showing up. When I try the lovelace UI and copy my ui-lovelace.yaml file over, I can create the card, but every entity shows as “entity not available”.

i am hanving the same issue. you found out anything ?

I have the same issue. Some more to this:
I have found the update process deleted all the .yaml’s in the config folder.
After placing them back from a backup the problem persists.

Furthermore I tried deleting my home-assistant_v2.db, also with no results.

Upgrade problem, hassio from 0.82.1 to 0.84.3 might also contain a solution, I will try this soon.

Fixed it by reinstalling Hassio, and manually reloading my config from a hassio backup. (No hiccups there, so the config was not to blame).

Had same issue. Removing .storage solved the problem for me.

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@artkrz thx. Was loosing my mind that HA had somehow changed from when I gave it a go a year ago. Deleting the .storage folder worked, my new entities now appear, pheww. But that foldert contains the authentication so that had to be redone which might be a hassle for some… I wonder if just the offending file in that folder can be deleted.

There is no need to remove the entire .storage directory. apparently the “Lovelace” file in that directory is the culprit and does not refresh. In that file are all the unavailable entities. just delete them and restart Home assistant and you should be good to go!!

Thanks for sharing, it looks like it’s still a valid solution, just cleared up some mess in my lovelace ui

Thanks, now all my dashboards are gone an the problem still exists. :frowning: