No entities or Devices added after including Z-Wave devices with Z-Wave JS UI

I have added the Z-Wave JS UI addon and successfully included two z-wave devices. One is a plug on line power and one is a Schlage battery powered lock.
As you can see in the following screen shots, these have been successfully included with the lock having the proper security connection. Unfortunately, there are no device or entities associated with the either the plug or the lock. What am I missing or do wrong? All comments appreciated. Thank you.

You need to install the Z-Wave integration, as directed by the add-on documentation.

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I thought the Z-Wave JS UI was a complete solution. Adding the Z-Wave integration resulted in the entities being added. Thank you.

@freshcoast I was able to add a card to the dashboard but the “lock” control is grayed out. Do you know why this is? Thank you.

Try clicking on the lock icon itself? I don’t have any locks, but I’m assuming it might just not let you change it directly from that view.

@freshcoast Clicking on the lock brings up the dialog box below. I had previously installed a different controller and had this card before and you could just click on the word “lock” or “unlock” depending on the current state.

So those icons aren’t clickable? Based on “Unknown”, it seems like it doesn’t know the state.

In ZUI you an expand the node in the control panel and find the Door Lock (or Lock) CC, maybe try refreshing that. Perhaps there was an error during the inclusion.

Changing the configuration in the area shown from “unknown” to “secured” fixed it.

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Setting that forced the lock state to be refreshed. Looks like the lock entity itself doesn’t handle being in an unknown state very well.

Seems to be a known scenario at least, as the integration is written to handle the unknown state gracefully (as in not throw exceptions).

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