No graph on mini-graph-card

Hi guys .
I isntalled mini graph card by HACS .
Then I wrote this string in configuration yaml.

    - url: /hacsfiles/mini-graph-card/mini-graph-card-bundle.js
      type: module

My yaml card code is

  - color: '#e45e65'
    value: 40
  - color: '#e0b400'
    value: 30
  - color: '#0da035'
    value: 20
  - color: '#039BE5'
    value: 0
color_thresholds_transition: hard
  - entity: sensor.internet_connection
group: false
height: 200
hour24: true
line_width: 5
name: Internet connection
points_per_hour: 20
  extrema: true
  average: true
  fill: fade
  icon: true
  labels: true
  name: true
  state: true
type: custom:mini-graph-card

The problem is I can see the single value of the sensor bu no graph
Where is my mistake?

Thank you

You don’t have the version number specified in the url.