No GUI, working HA CLI no access to SSH

So I managed to break my installation by manually editing the core.config file (at least that’s the last change before rebooting)

I can access Proxmox and open the console and see HA is running. I can also access the CLI, but the commands are limited.

I can also access the machine with Putty, but I can’t login with my normal account or root account. Is there a way to reset something from the HA CLI?

The change I made in the core.config is in my notepad, so I just want to access this file and reboot…

In console, does the terminal open when typing ctrl+alt+F1 (or F2)?

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Flabbergasted…didn’t know this command existed. Looks like I can login to the console now.

Thank you!

Now I just need to find the file location :wink:

You’re welcome!
I’ve been there too very recently :smiley:

Ok, I have found the location and also the error message. This states the error is in /config/.storage/core.config_entries.

“Traceback (mos recent call last):
File “/usr/src/homeassistant/homeassistant/util/”, line 39, in load_json
return or json.load( # type: ignore[no-any-return]
or json.JSONDecodeError: unexpected character: line 690 column 9 (char 21816)”

However, looking at this file I don’t see any error.

So I deliberately made an error in the file, which was auto corrected BTW, but this triggered a new error in core.config_registries which led to a “,” being used wrong.

It looks like HA is running again. The original issue which triggered me to manually edit this file hasn’t been resolved, but that’s something for tomorrow!