No header need; how to delete free space?

i made my tileboard on my 7 inch raspberry pi screen. and its working ok.
i have a question. i dont need the time and date in my header at the top.
so i deleted it. but now i have a like 1cm free space at the top.
is there a way to delete that free space ? or put all the icons 1cm up ?
Please, i need some help. thanks

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Hello, need same help. thank you

Ok if you try to increase the number of height tiles to 4 or 5 , that space is reduce.

   pages: [
         title: 'Main page',
         bg: 'images/bg1.jpeg',
         icon: 'mdi-home-outline', // home icon
         groups: [
               title: 'COMANDO',
               width: 2,
               height: 4,
               items: [